Safety update

Technology Used to Assess Employee Health

A new and innovative machine has been used to assess employees’ health at several major McColl’s sites across the country.

The Bio Impedance Health Testing Machine uses a five minute, scientifically validated clinical assessment to measure the major markers of aging.

Staff are encouraged to step onto the machine so various measurements can be taken including:

  • weight
  • body fat percentage
  • organ fat level
  • soft muscle mass
  • skeletal muscle mass
  • hydration level
  • biological age
  • balance between left and right side of the body
  • protein and mineral levels

Employees who took part in a voluntary program gained valuable insights into their health.

On completion of each test, an accredited external health practitioner reviewed participants’ results and worked with them to establish a number of short term lifestyle/health goals.

There are plans to roll out the health program to other McColl’s sites in the new year.