COVID-19 update to staff 31 July 2020

Hi there Team-McColl’s

It has been another big day in the COVID world.  With new laws arriving in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, we are updating our company policy so that we can keep things consistent.


From midnight Sunday, everyone on a McColl’s site outside Western Australia should be wearing a face mask.  This is already a law in Victoria and we are extending it to sites in other eastern states as part of our McColl’s commitment to minimizing transmission of COVID-19.  We also ask that McColl’s people wear face masks when visiting customer and supplier sites – even sites that have not yet mandated the use of masks.  Consistency is an important value for us.

We have purchased McColl’s-branded reusable face masks as part of the company uniform which we will be distributing as quickly as possible to each site.  There should be enough in the initial shipment for drivers and mechanics to take 2 each (to rotate them in the wash).  More will arrive next week and the week after.  Until you receive these, please keep using the disposable face masks that have already been circulated around the company.

Border crossings:

The borders between Victoria and South Australia, NSW and Queensland are all subject to new rules.  Some of these could lead to delays, COVID-19 testing and more forms to be completed.  I know that this is going to be frustrating for our drivers at times so I ask for everyone to please take this as an opportunity to show how professional we are as a company.

We need to manage fatigue carefully around these delays – anyone who feels tired should take a break.

Please always be respectful of the government staff working at the border – they are doing a difficult job and the changing rules make it hard for them also.

Please don’t get drawn into social media commentary on the restrictions – they aren’t perfect, no one wants them but we all have to live with them for now for the good of our society.

The world will continue to change, we will keep everyone updated and together we will continue to adapt.

Thank you to everyone for all that you are doing to keep McColl’s running as well as possible in these challenging times.

Stay safe on the road.