Fuel levy update effective Monday 08/01/2018

Fuel levy = 18.54% (up 0.73% from 17.81%)

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  • Get Appy This Summer

    Sitting in the shaded cabin of a big truck or a car can give a false sense of security from the harsh Australian sun. But beware – ultraviolet rays (UV) penetrate windscreens and windows with long term exposure impacting eyesight, causing skin cancer and inducing premature aging.

    With two in three Australians diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime, McColl’s is determined to have everyone driving a vehicle be sun-smarter this summer.

    Here are four simple steps to staying safe from UV rays.

    • Know when you’re at risk. The strength of UV rays varies depending on the time of day and where you are. Don’t be fooled by the weather, UV rays penetrate glass and cloud.  Know when you’re most at risk by simply downloading the See UV app.
    • Daily sunscreen. Don’t leave home without it and re-apply during the day.
    • Sunglasses. Keep UV rays away from your eyes.
    • Slip on a hat. When you leave the truck, car or even the office, slip on a hat for extra protection.
  • Safety update

    Technology Used to Assess Employee Health

    A new and innovative machine has been used to assess employees’ health at several major McColl’s sites across the country.

    The Bio Impedance Health Testing Machine uses a five minute, scientifically validated clinical assessment to measure the major markers of aging.

    Staff are encouraged to step onto the machine so various measurements can be taken including:

    • weight
    • body fat percentage
    • organ fat level
    • soft muscle mass
    • skeletal muscle mass
    • hydration level
    • biological age
    • balance between left and right side of the body
    • protein and mineral levels

    Employees who took part in a voluntary program gained valuable insights into their health.

    On completion of each test, an accredited external health practitioner reviewed participants’ results and worked with them to establish a number of short term lifestyle/health goals.

    There are plans to roll out the health program to other McColl’s sites in the new year.


  • Prestons Depot Update

    The McColl’s depot at Prestons near Sydney will be the proud owner of a new B-double Omni Tanker in the new year.

    The tanker’s patented thermoplastic liner makes it suitable for transporting highly corrosive chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid.

    The depot already operates two B-double sets and this third addition will ensure the efficiency of operations continues to improve.

    Bulk Chemicals Division has continued to put in a solid performance this year as it keeps pace with demand from customers such as Ixom and Huntsman.

    Congratulations are in order for Operations Manager Rod McGuiness and Prestons depot driver Leigh Foster who are celebrating 10 years of service with McColl’s. A special presentation was made to them at the recent Prestons’ depot Christmas party.

  • McColl’s welcomes two new managers

    McColl’s Transport is excited to welcome two new faces to its Western Australia and Warrnambool Victoria management teams.

    Troy Telfar is already making his mark as the new Operations Manager FPU in Harvey, Western Australia where he’s responsible for a team of about 13 drivers.

    State Manager for Dairy (WA/SA/NSW) James Wynne says prior to joining McColl’s, Troy spent much of his professional life working in the security industry including operating his own business.

    “Troy joined McColl’s as a driver shortly before the management role became available,” James said.

    “His effective communication skills and ability to work as part of a team made him a stand out candidate for the management role.

    “While he’s only been in the job a brief time, he’s already putting his own stamp on the business and made some beneficial changes. Certainly, his eye for detail and quick thinking will make him a valued member of the local team.”

    Meanwhile, Rick Irving brings a lifetime of dairy industry experience to his new role as McColl’s Regional Manager for Warrnambool and Penola.

    Rick, previously with Murray Goulburn in farm services in Koroit, joined McColl’s in September.

    “Rick has worked hard, over many years, to develop an excellent working relationship with dairy farmers in the region,” James said.

    “Rick has shown an outstanding level of commitment to his new role and embraced the challenges that are inherent with a new venture in its start-up phase.

    “He will be a fantastic resource for McColl’s as we look to grow our presence in the south west of Victoria.”


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