Fuel levy update for Monday 25/01/2021

Fuel levy = 16.19%, up 0.85% from 15.34% (rate effective from 11/01/2021)

Moving Forward eNews



    Hi McColl’s team

    After a year of challenges, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone very much for their contribution this year.  We managed to get through 2020 relatively unscathed and I am grateful for your support.  As we have mentioned previously, Christmas is a great time to spend with family and friends and I encourage everyone to take time off and have a well-deserved break!

    Best wishes for the holiday season and a more enjoyable and settled 2021.

    Simon Thornton


    On behalf of everyone here at McColl’s, I would like to reach out to all McColl’s people and deliver one simple message:

    Slow down, take care and put safety first.

    The holiday season is the most dangerous time of year in workplaces (Worksafe Victoria research).

    As the festive season begins, with COVID behind us for now, it is easy to get wound up in Christmas parties, visiting relatives or holiday plans.  It is great for us all to let our hair down and have fun but please remember to stay safe!

    Let’s put 2020 safely behind us, slow down and stay safe this holiday season.

    Merry Christmas and remember: ‘Safety never stops’.

    Please remember to follow government restrictions relating to wearing a mask. Whilst masks are not required to be worn in our offices, the evidence is clear – wearing a face covering makes a real difference in slowing the spread of the virus so you should continue to carry a mask with you in case social distancing cannot be maintained.

    Joe Boras

    National WH&S Manager

  • New Truck in the Fleet

    We are very excited to have a new truck in our fleet!

    The Freightliner Cascadia 126 (pictured left) is operating with a B-double milk tanker and is powered by a 16-litre Detroit engine and a 12-speed automated manual transmission. It is equipped with all the modern safety features, is fuel efficient and comfortable.  The safety features that are not normally seen on conventional trucks in Australia include an automatic emergency braking system, pedestrian detection, collision avoidance and other systems that use radar sensors and cameras to survey the truck’s surroundings.

    Safety First is at the top of our company values, so we are especially keen on these new features being introduced with the Cascadia.

  • A Word from the New CEO

    McColl’s Group Holdings was acquired, in May, by an investor club known as Friesian. The club includes new CEO Simon Thornton and Chairman Mark Mentha – both familiar faces at the company.

    “It is great to be back in the driver’s seat at McColl’s,” Mr Thornton said.

    “A lot has happened in the five years I was away. The industries we serve have changed dramatically, with new owners and new priorities. Some of our previous customers no longer exist and new ones have arrived with big plans for the future.”

    McColl’s new board members include James Macdonald, a partner in law firm Piper Alderman.

    James specialises in commercial law and had previously served McColl’s in negotiating customer contracts.

    Friesian’s plans are long term; the club intends to invest in McColl’s over time to see what kind of company it can grow into.

    “This is the first time in 12 years that the company has not been for sale,” Mr Thornton explained. “We plan to develop the company over the next generation.”

    “We have new employees arriving all around the company. We are hiring new drivers and trainers; there are also new graduate business analysts, compliance, safety, operations and financial people.

    “The Dairy Division is commissioning 10 new pocket road trains to cope with its extra work. The Bulk Food Grade Division and Bulk Chemicals Division are also expecting new tankers and prime movers to arrive in the next few months.

    “The 2018 financial year was a good one for McColl’s. We are looking forward to cementing productive partnerships with our existing clients and forging some new ones.”


  • Fleet Investment

    McColl’s is committed to providing reliable service by investing in new and innovative equipment. Recent fleet upgrades and additions include 40 prime movers and 24 tankers.

    Among the big additions are six new Byford road-trains and three new Tieman 26-metre road trains for the Dairy division. These road trains feature steerable axles, providing better maneuverability and easier and faster access onto farms. The road trains are also capable of carrying a bigger payload, which is a welcome boost to McColl’s haulage capacity.

    The six Byfords are headed for the Dairy regions of Northern and Western Victoria and South Australia, while the Tiemans are headed for NSW. Other additions to the Dairy Division included one Tieman 30,000-litre single tanker; two Dunn Engineering dollies; and four 30,000-litre Byford single tankers. The Dairy Division has purchased 26 Volvo FM 540, one FH 540 and three Scania R560s to replace older assets and growth.

    McColl’s has purchased two new Evolution tankers made using carbon fibre composite materials, with a polyethylene thermoplastic interior for the Bulk Chemicals Division.  This means the tankers are far less corrosive and suitable to transport a wide range of liquids. The thermoplastic interior also reduces absorption which means that we can switch safely between different products after a wash out.

    Two new Tieman dangerous goods stainless tankers have been ordered to work as a pocket road train in Western Australia, two Byford stainless DG leads to work as B-doubles on the Eastern seaboard and two Marshall Lethlean stainless lead tankers.

    McColl’s Bulk Food Grade Division added nine Kenworth T409s, one Kenworth T610, two Scania R730s, two Volvo Globetrotters and one Tieman compartmented tanker to its Fleet.


Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness @ McColl’s

McColl’s Health & Wellness program is an initiative targeted at improving the lives of McColl’s employees both in and outside of the workplace. McColl’s is dedicated in promoting health awareness, providing support and providing employees with the opportunity to eat healthy & exercise where possible. Exercise can encourage good mental health and promote a positive lifestyle for all staff and the transport industry as a whole.

McColl’s has a Health & Wellness Co-ordinator, Megan Taylor, who is an experienced health professional. Megan is a qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Megan’s qualifications and training enable her to provide nutrition and health coaching as well as meal planning, exercise training programs, fitness sessions, personal training and exercise for injury rehabilitation under a referral from an allied health professional.

McColl’s is constantly creating new platforms where we can share health and wellness information that is easily accessible to staff.  We have monthly health newsletters and social media pages –

Facebook: @mccollshealth

Instagram: @mccollshealth

Walk & run club – The Geelong depot has a regular walk / run group every Friday at 12:30pm which you can participate in at your own pace. With the Barwon River track easily accessed from the Geelong site you can choose to walk or run any distance on a maintained safe path.

Relaxation and stress relief sessions – we have a qualified trauma yoga instructor who comes to the Geelong site once a month to run gentle movement and relaxation sessions, aimed at reducing stress and clearing the mind.

Exercise & fitness sessions – Regular group exercise and fitness sessions are conducted in the Geelong office. These sessions are designed and supervised by our Health & Wellness Co-ordinator and generally run for 30mins.

Session types include HIIT, strength training, boxing, Pilates. These classes can usually be catered to suit any individual as well as those with injury or specific needs.

We have a training room with exercise equipment available for the sessions and can be utilised at any other time by staff. All major depots also have bikes and/or treadmills available for all employees to use. We recommend that all employees consult a GP before undertaking exercise.