COVID-19 update 25 March 2020

McColl’s COVID-19 Communication 25 March 2020

I hope that you and your families are OK during this tough time.

We expect that some state governments will start tighter lockdowns in the next 24-36 hours.

We are advised that our business is an essential service and so will still be able to work.

Our office people will continue to work in isolation (mainly from home).  A very small skeleton staff are in offices.

Everyone else please stay out of offices – on each office external door there is a number to ring if you would like the office person on duty to come outside.

Some border controls are being arranged between Australian states.  There should be no problems for trucks crossing borders.

We are having trouble buying hand sanitizer centrally.  Please bring soap from home in case your branch runs out.

McColl’s will reimburse any receipts for soap, sanitizer or other protective wear.  Sometimes these products are more available in local shops.

We are working to source latex gloves for drivers to meet new standards for farm milk collection as quickly as possible.

Everyone please continue to follow the social distancing rules – 2m separation and minimal contact outside your household.

Everyone please wash your hands frequently throughout the day.  The first advice from government health experts is to wash hands frequently to prevent spread of the disease.

If you are unwell do not come to work.  Please call HR.   If you are well and believe you are virus free, please come to work.
If everyone does the right thing, the McColl’s team can support each other and keep running safely.
We are working to identify team members who face a higher risk if they catch the virus – anyone who believes that they are in this category please contact Renee Currie.We know that these are stressful times.
Please use the McColl’s confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as much as helps you to get through these challenges.
You can call the EAP (which is run by D’Accord) on: 1300 130 130

We have an important role to play in our community.  In the dairy industry we keep food production running, in chemicals we keep water treatment plants running and deliver hand sanitizer and soap products.

Let’s all work safely and productively to get through this for the Australians who rely on us.