• COVID-19 update to staff 16 July 2020

    Earlier this week we were informed that 2 of our NSW based drivers attended the Cross Roads Hotel during the period 3rd – 10th July.  As directed by the NSW authorities, both employees are self-isolating and were tested. Test results confirmed negative, and both remain in isolation for the 14 day period.

    As the situation continues to evolve please be extra careful in hygiene and social distancing…..this is a time when it is best to avoid crowded places if you can.

    If you have any symptoms please stay home and contact your Manager.

    This kind of thing is bound to happen as the infection spreads.  Rather than announcing every possible link between the virus and the company, we will follow the prevailing government rules and handle each situation at the local site.  We will communicate to everyone if there is a confirmed case in the McColl’s community.

    We are all working through this as well as we can.

    Stay safe everyone.


  • COVID-19 update to staff 8 July 2020

    As we have seen, the COVID-19 situation has deteriorated in Victoria.  A new set of rules are starting at midnight tonight (July 8) and we will adapt to keep the business running as safely and smoothly as possible.

    The people who live in Metropolitan Melbourne or the Mitchell Shire will be in lockdown and only able to leave their homes:

    • To shop for essentials
    • To exercise
    • To go to work (if they cannot work from home); and
    • For medical or compassionate reasons

    As always, if you are sick, stay home and seek medical advice if necessary.

    Our tankers will continue to operate as essential services and we ask that everyone continue to follow our hygiene and social-distancing protocols.  Wash hands well before returning home at night.

    Anyone visiting the locked-down area should take special care to avoid any possible contact with people there – no hand-shaking, keep 1.5m apart, wash hands regularly, use sanitiser, don’t touch surfaces that might have germs, wipe down high-touch areas in trucks with sanitiser, wear face masks as requested on customer sites, avoid high-traffic areas….these things are the new normal for the COVID-19 era.

    We have 3 sites in the metro Melbourne region – please be very conscious of this at Altona, Pakenham and Brooklyn if you have to go there.  We are especially conscious of lunch rooms and other shared areas.

    Regional sites outside of the lock-down area will continue as they have been for the last 2 months.  Other disciplines of the COVID-19 era still apply: social distancing and good hand hygiene.  Remember, if you can work from home then please do so.

    We know that these times are a challenge.  The good news is that they will pass – our task for now is just to get through it as safely and securely as possible.

    Let’s hope that the next 6 weeks bring us some better news!


    Simon Thornton